There will be an evolution

fortrabbit is providing reliable hosting for over a decade. We are working on a new version. Have a peek.

New core

We are rewriting our entire hosting platform. Along with that, there will be a new self-service dashboard and of course a new restructured, rewritten documentation. In total, it will feel new, yet familiar.

One stack

The stack will include the best parts of the former Uni and Pro Apps. There will be no horizontal scaling but higher vertical scaling for similar workloads. This enables persistent storage, direct SSH access and better legacy support.


Start small: Run tinkering projects, weekend hacks and staging environments on XS plans. Book and scale components individually on demand.

Multi staging

Production / staging workflows are better integrated. The app maps to the Git repo, while you can have any number of environments, mapping to certain branches.

GitHub integration

Your Git repo will no longer be hosted with fortrabbit directly, but instead with GitHub. With the new fortrabbit deployment app on GitHub your git push will deploy to fortrabbit. This enables advanced code collaboration features and deployment workflows.

Build commands

The deployment pipeline is getting more flexible with more options. Node.js build commands are finally included when deploying via Git.


Access, error and deployment logs are available right through the dashboard.

Event log

Improved observability: All user interactions, as well as system events are going to be logged and displayed with the dashboard.


Redis is finally going to be available.


Constantly running background jobs to offload CPU heavy tasks.


Our workflows for collaboration are going to be improved as well. Expect advanced developer team features and better support for working with non-technical clients.


We plan to launch the new platform before the year 2024 ends. In the meanwhile the current platform is still a very good hosting option which will be fully supported and maintained.


No rush. The new platform will be launched independently from the current platform. Both platforms will run side by side for a period, in which the current platform will continue to receive full support. Finally we will migrate all apps over to the new platform. We aim to move 93% of all Apps, based on their technical requirements. We will get in touch with each client individually.

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December 2023